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Halo 3: Hour Four

The story so far (SPOILERS):

Had to defend the incoming ships by taking out the Covenant’s air defenses, which was successful, or not really. Now: Facing the Flood on the surface, winding through the most disorienting atmosphere, and looking for Cortana.

Also, bathroom break #2.

After “finding” Cortana, there’s an amazing section of plot. Love it.

My wife’s complaining about me playing too much. Solution? She’s joining me in co-op play. I love her :-)

Wow, the cinematics are something else.

Enjoying playing with the wife. She’s not particularly good at it, but she’s a fast learner. She’s really enjoying the “riding in the back of a vehicle and operating a turret” part.

Oy, I can’t figure out who’s on which side!

Damn, standing next to a giant ship as it lands next to you is amazing.

You know what sucks? If you play half an hour co-op with your wife, it doesn’t advance you at all in the single player campaign.

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