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Halo 3: Hour Two

The game so far (obviously SPOILER):

Master Chief woke up on the surface of the planet. Cortana is flashing in every once in a while. You fought your way out of the jungle, now we’ve got to get out of a military base. I’m presently working on evacuating a barracks.

Also, the Xbox 360 is very loud and YOU CAN DETACH TURRETS!

Seeing Master Chief in third person is very cool, though he’s slow carrying the turret.

Wife’s home. She better not try to stop me.

Thank god for those little indicators that show you the way if you stand around too long.

Gotta wait around, listen to those conversations some characters are having as you walk into a room.

I don’t like that I walked into an elevator holding one weapon, then when I exited it in the next level I had a different weapon.

Here we go, Warthogs!


Don’t worry, I know how to drive one of these.

Guys must have seen the bad driving in the last game. :-)

The Warthog turret seems more capable this time. The other ships, when you shoot them, explode nicely.

Verdict: He doesn’t drive much better.

Driving the Warthog myself? Much smoother and easier than the last game.

I love how when you arrive in some areas, the marines get excited to see you and start cheering.

I just died for the first time. Got run over by a tank.

Almost two hours in, and they finally use music that reminds me of Halo 2. That’s how subtle and complex the music is.

Instead of shooting the enemy ships until they explode, you can just shoot the guy driving it. That makes sense.

Looks like my driver died. He sucked anyway.

Rule 1: Driving off cliffs is bad. Rule 2: Master Chief screams like a girl when he drives off a cliff. That’s two deaths.

On the plus side, the driver didn’t flip the Warthog and die this time around.

Driver wasn’t getting me a good angle to destroy a tank, so I’m doing it on foot.

Looks like that wasn’t the greatest idea. I lost my ride.

October 11th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Halo 3, Halo, Xbox 360, Xbox | one comment

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  1. halo3 looks like the real thing

    Comment by blacksite look it up | November 14, 2007

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