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Windows CE 6.0 R2 Rolling Out Today

The R2 release of Windows CE 6.0, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system for mobile devices, is being released today, with a virtual launch event at noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific. You can register for the free event here (and get a chance to win one of ten iMate Momento Digital Picture Frames).

Here’s what’s changed in CE 6.0:

Connectivity Capabilities

  • Quickly develop small footprint device scenarios and connect to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
  • Build richer end user experiences and develop new capabilities into your product with WSD technologies
  • Create exciting device scenarios such as VOIP video and 3-way audio with new VOIP technologies
  • And moreā€¦


  • CE 6.0 R2 components can easily be added to existing CE 6.0 projects to quickly create new connected experiences
  • Current CE 6.0 users can download the R2 components directly onto their workstations
  • Download an evaluation version and give it a try
  • Get support on CE 6.0 R2 from a worldwide community of Windows Embedded CE experts inside and outside of Microsoft


  • Connect with a worldwide community of industry-leading partners who can provide expert support on R2
  • Take advantage of a large community of developers with Visual Studio 2005 experience

Don’t confuse CE with Windows Mobile. In essence, CE is the real mobile operating system, and Mobile runs off of the various versions of CE. Windows Mobile 6 runs on CE 5.2 because CE 6 wasn’t ready then, and hopefully Windows Mobile 7 will run off CE 6.0. CE 6.0 devices are expected in 2008/9.
(via MSMobiles)

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