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Protect Yourself From Speed Traps With Live Maps Mashup

Njection has created a mashup that shows you on Windows Live Maps where the cops have set up speed traps, so you can know ahead of time when to slow down as they try to balance the budget. Users add the location of known speed traps to the database (including the type of detection used and how often they are there), and you can browse the map and know where to be careful.

Also, Marc DiGregorio from 3DVIA created some sample 3D houses you can plug into 3DVia and use as a starting point for creating 3D models of your own. Here’s a video showing them off:

Video: Virtual Earth - 3DVIA (Beta)

Finally, 6000 sqaure miles of 3D textured cities were added, including San Bernandino, Calafornia; Charlotte, North Carolina; Fargo; Cleveland; Hartford, Connecticut; Providence, Rhode Island; Salt Lake City; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Woorcheshessterr*, Massachussets; St. Louis; and Liverpool, U.K.. Also added: 44 new aerial cities, 36 new bird’s eye cities, 26 new European bird’s eye cities, and more.

* - Yeah, I know it’s Worcester, and that it’s pronounced Wooster for some damned reason, but that’s one of the worst place names in the U.S.. Change it.

December 20th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Maps, Live, Windows | no comments

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