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Microsoft AdCenter Affiliate Program Launches

The Microsoft Affiliate Network has added Microsoft AdCenter to its available referral programs. You can earn $35 for every account you refer to sign up with AdCenter, which should be pretty easy, given that AdCenter provides new clients with $50 of free ad clicks. Here’s one of the creatives:

They also have some holiday ad creatives (plus text links):

Sign up for Microsoft Affiliates here.

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Office Sales Up 50.7%

November software sales data has been released by the NPD, and it shows that in its first year of availability, Office 2007 and promotions for Mac Office pushed Office sales up 50.7%. Total software sales were up 10.3%, with Office accounting for two-thirds of that growth. Black Friday sales were up 65%, and helped by a promotion that gave free Office 2008 to Mac Office 2004 buyers, Mac sales on that Friday were up a staggering 215%.

As NPD’s Chris Swenson says, Microsoft Office is driving the PC software industry at this point. Quoted by Joe Wilcox:

The “magnitude of Office sales relative to the rest of the PC software market” is phenomenal, Swenson said. “It’s the massively huge tail wagging the dog. If the senior execs at Best Buy, Office Depot, etc. don’t buy Jeff Raikes [president of Microsoft’s Business division] a beer the next time he’s in town, something is seriously wrong.”

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300 on Xbox Live For 100 Points

In certain European countries, Microsoft is marking the launch of their Xbox Live Video stores with a special price for the hit action movie 300. In the United Kingdom, Germany and France, you can rent 300, in high definition, for just 100 Microsoft Points. That’s basically $1.25 in US dollars, or £0.80p. It’ll only be available at that price on Friday, December 28, but normal video rental terms apply.

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Logitech G15 Keyboard Adds Sideshow

Logitech has released drivers for its G15 computer gaming keyboard that turns its LCD screen into a Windows SideShow-capable device. That means that if you have Windows Vista, you can set the keyboard to show certain information through Sideshow Gadgets, presumably incoming emails, media player control, and things like that. This is very useful for gamers, who won’t want to exit their game to check if new email has come in, and can instead rely on the keyboard screen for updates.

Newer G15 keyboards can get the drivers here. Older G15’s can get a beta version of drivers for their keyboards here, and those drivers will even add SideShow to Logitech Z10 speakers!

The G15, with the LCD screen, macros, light-up keys, cord management channels and dedicated media buttons, has a retail price of $100, but will sell it to you for $80. The Z10 speakers, with touch-sensitive sound adjustment controls, an LCD showing track information and now Sideshow, internet radio presets, line input for MP3 players and USB connectivity, can be had for $65.


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