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College Course Uses Popfly

Bob Familiar has an interview at Channel 9 with Professor Mark Frydenberg of Bentley College of Massachusetts. Professor Frydenberg has created a course that leverages Popfly, using it to teach business majors about software architecture and software development.

Professor Frydenberg’s unique approach allows students to grasp complex distributed computing concepts, build and share sophisticated mashups while working with information (photos, news, music) that is relevant to them.

Check out the video at Channel 9, and while you’re there, beg them to find a way to let people embed Channel 9 videos on their blogs, m’kay?
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Live Messenger Now Integrating With Everybody

Microsoft has decided to be the market-breaker, working on a version of Windows Live Messenger that will be able to communicate with Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ. They’ve already completed the GTalk portion of the integration, and are working on AIM and ICQ. Considering that LiveIM already interoperates with Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft would be the first mainstream free client to connect all the major network protocols. How exciting!

How will the rest of the market react? Considering how long it takes Yahoo Messenger to release anything, and how Google Talk is being mismanaged by Google, Microsoft could be at the top of the heap for many months. I know that the second GTalk interoperation is released, I’ll stop using GTalk, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

UPDATE: Apparently, the article Mashable linked to is based on a LiveSide post from two months ago. I suggest reading the post, which does talk about possible Google Talk/AIM integration, though not as definitively, and several other very interesting things.

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Apple Consumer Satisfaction Rating Drops

Apple held onto the top spot in the University of Michigan’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index, but it did slip almost five percent to drop to 79 out of 100 points. That puts it within three points of second-place HP, which rose, and only four points above the baseline. The baseline is the satisfaction score for the entire PC industry, meaning Apple’s customers are satisfied with it only slightly more than any average other computer company.

The index has only been tracking computer software companies for two years, and the results are incomplete to draw too many conclusions from (Microsoft is the only company actually on the list), but it should still be mentioned that Microsoft’s score fell four points in the one year it has been tracked.

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Zumobi Launches, Sign Up Now

Zumobi, the mobile startup spun off from Microsoft Research, has launched its first beta. The Zumobi software presents a unique way to access content, with a grid of sixteen tiles that you can zoom in and out of, and the tiles acting as widgets that display web-based content.

I tried the beta on my Windows Mobile phone, and besides that it didn’t run all that well on my admittedly slow PDA phone, it was hard to understand the point of using these tiles. Guess this is one widget platform that will have to prove its usefulness over time. At the least, it looks good and the graphics and transitions are real nice, better than anything regular Microsoft normally does.
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