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SideShow Coming To Windows Mobile, iPhone

Ikanos Consulting is developing a framework which is in beta testing which will, when completed, allow you to run Windows SideShow Gadgets on a Windows Mobile device, finally bringing SideShow to the masses.

SideShow is a wonderful technology in Vista, allowing the display and access of data from a Vista PC on external mini-devices (usually little screens with a few buttons on the outside of a PC case), but the hardware is very specific and very rarely implemented. With support for running SideShow programs (Gadgets, just like the Sidebar kind) on mobile phones, SideShow can be used by any of the millions of Windows Mobile phones.

With SideShow, you can check email on your host PC, select music for the PC to play, see the weather or your Messenger buddy list, or load up any Gadget that’s been created by anyone for the purpose. There aren’t a ton of Gadgets now, but once the hardware gets out there (and by enabling existing devices, it gets out there a lot faster), developers will start creating even more cool functionality.

Ikanos is also working on using SideShow with any wifi device with a web browser, including the iPhone/iPod Touch. Check out this video they uploaded:

I love the way he pronounces “beta”.
(via Engadget)

December 31st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Sideshow, Vista, Windows | one comment