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Grand Theft Auto IV Dated April 29

gta-iv-release-dated.pngRockstar has finally announced a release date for Grand Theft Auto IV. The first next-gen installment of the immensely popular open-world video game series will hit stores on April 29 of this year, 92 and a half days from now. Also, a ton of gaming websites got close looks at the game, revealing a bunch of details and showing that the game is in the “serious polish” stage, with a lot of cool touches.

You can download the new version 3 of the GTA IV Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget here. Previous coverage of the Gadget here and here.

UPDATE: The other big Rockstar game of the beginning of this year, at least for Xbox 360 (and Wii) owners, will be Bully: Scholarship Edition, the slightly expanded and improved port of last year’s PS2 hit, and it finally has a release date. Don’t be fooled by the controversy; this is a relatively tame (compared with GTA) game with a strong emphasis on story, and should be worth picking up. Bully hits U.S. store shelves on March 5th and U.K. stores on March 7.

January 27th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox | no comments

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