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Sony Looking At 800th PS3 Edition

Sony is determined to confuse the hell out of consumers, and is thus looking to bring a fifth version of the PlayStation 3 to market, this time replacing the higher-end 80-gig PS3 with a 160-gigabyte version. The console would come with the same features and price as the current 80-gigger, but without a copy of Motorstorm and with the new Dual-Shock 3 vibrating controller.

The new PS3 would be designed to hold off Microsoft’s 120-gigabyte Xbox 360 Elite. While not a major edition of the console, the Elite’s 120-gig drive at $450 made the PS3’s 80-gig at $500 seem like a rip-off, and Sony is mostly just righting the ship here. Presumably, all PS3s going forward will ship with the Dual-Shock, as soon as Sony gets enough of them in stock. While the new edition has only been hinted at, most sources expect it to ship around the same time as Metal Gear Solid 4 or Lost Planet.

January 28th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Sony | no comments

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