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Some Microsoft/Yahoo Overlap You May Not Have Considered

Do you really have any idea how big Yahoo is, or hell, how big MSN is? There’s a lot of overlap between the two, and Long Zheng & Josh Philips have been kind enough to generate a nice chart to show the two. The chart is reproduced below, with some notes added by me regarding what I think about which service will be rolled into the other.

Service Yahoo Equivalent Microsoft Equivalent Nathan’s notes
Content Portals
Yahoo Auto
Yahoo Finances
MSN Auto
MSN Finances
Both sides have some great, well-developed portal sites. There’s no need for both, so the only way sites like Yahoo Autos and MSN Autos survive is if the companies waffle and keep both Yahoo and MSN alive, competing with each other.
Country-specific Content Portals ex. ex. Here’s part of the beauty of the acquisition. Yahoo and MSN have many international portals. In some countries, Yahoo is king, in others, MSN. Together, they combine to have #1 market share in almost every single market.
Account Management Yahoo ID Live ID Yahoo’s ID system, while good, is nowhere near as powerful or versatile as Microsoft’s. Microsoft’s multi-account switching and Windows Live Sign-In assistant would win anyday. Either way, Microsoft sticks with its own technology, so Yahoo IDs are dead.
Personal Homepage My Yahoo! MyYahoo is bigger and has more users, and a big history. The technology developed for will likely be rolled into MyYahoo, or exist as a more advanced option for MyYahoo users, but MyYahoo is king here.
Search Yahoo Search Live Search Both are big dogs, and both are struggling to catch Google. Both will survive, at least for a while, with Microsoft trying to find a way to combine the market share of the two eventually. Most likely, the search engine will fall under the Yahoo brand, but itcould go either way.
Casual gaming Yahoo Games MSN Games Both sites are strong, could be better, and will certainly be combined into one, possibly under the Yahoo brand.
Mapping Yahoo Maps Live Maps Not even a question. Microsoft loves Live Maps, and has invested heavily in it. Yahoo Maps is dead, but its engineers and some of its code may work for Live in the future.
Instant Messenger Yahoo Messenger Live Messenger Yahoo Messenger and Live Messenger already work together, making the path for the future easier. Live Messenger is more popular, and will almost definitely be the only client in the future, with added support for the Yahoo services and features it can take over from the Yahoo client.
Mail Yahoo Mail Live Hotmail Live Hotmail is one of Microsoft’s most important, strongest projects. Microsoft will avoid killing Yahoo at first, but development on Yahoo Mail will cease. Microsoft will offer Yahoo users the option to migrate their accounts to the ever-improving Hotmail, and eventually Yahoo Mail will phase out and die.
Community Help Service Yahoo Answers Live QnA Yahoo Answers is the amazing success story of 2007, while Live QnA never got enough traction. Live QnA is dead, and there’s even a chance Microsoft will not bother to integrate.
Photo Sharing Flickr Live Spaces Flickr will become tied to Live Spaces, with the millions of Live Spaces photos becoming part of Flickr. The two will thrive on each other and grow exponentially more successful. This will be the immediate crown jewel of the acquisition.
Blogging 360° Live Spaces Yahoo 360 is a failure. If Microsoft is nice, it may offer to transition accounts over, but 360 is dead.
Widgets Yahoo Widgets Windows Sidebar Yahoo Widgets is strong and has a nice library of Gadgets. The first post-acquisition release of Sidebar will add support for Yahoo Widgets, which will live side-by-side in Windows Vista.
Search Advertising Yahoo Search Marketing Microsoft adCenter The hardest part of the acquisition. It took Yahoo years to integrate Overture into its own ad systems, and if that happens to Microsoft, this entire acquisition will have been a waste. Luckily, Microsoft is very talented at integrating, at least when compared to Yahoo. Expect hundreds of employees to work on combining the two products, with a deadline of under 12 months, maybe even six months.
Mobile Yahoo Mobile Live Mobile Live Mobile isn’t fully developed, but an important part of Microsoft’s mobile strategy. Yahoo Go for Mobile is a great piece of software. There will be a fight inside Microsoft, but if the company is smart, it will continue to develop Yahoo Go as the iPhone-killer content browser.
Web Development Yahoo Developer Network Both will continue, as long as they continue to help developers with their platforms. No reason to worry here.
Web Mashup Tools Yahoo Pipes Popfly Yahoo Pipes is dead, but the engineers and code will try to live on at Microsoft. Popfly is too important to Microsoft to not win this one.
Website Services Yahoo Small Business Office Live Yahoo’s offering is dead. Office Live is much better, and important to Microsoft’s Office division. Yahoo’s customers will hopefully like Microsoft’s technology, which has been well invested in and is cheaper (or free).
Social Events Upcoming Live Events Tough call. Live Events is really knew, and we don’t know how important it is to Microsoft. If they aren’t desperately attached to it, Upcoming could win.
Social Bookmarking (Advertising deal with Digg) Everybody wins. Microsoft keeps dealing with Digg, and puts development resources into
eCommerce alibaba    
Music Service Y! Music/MusicMatch Zune Marketplace, MSN Music Microsoft killed MSN Music for Zune, and it will kill Yahoo Music, too. Microsoft will integrate or transition, and kill it off. Hopefully, Launchcast will survive, but don’t count on it.
Music Software Music Jukebox Windows Media Player Ditto.

What do you think? What is missing from the table?

February 4th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Windows Mobile, Office Live, Live, Windows Media, Mail, Zune, Yahoo Acquisition, Sidebar, Maps, Vista, Hotmail, MSN, Media Player, Applications, Search, Windows, Messenger, Yahoo, Spaces, General | 8 comments

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  1. […] InsiderMicrosoft有更詳細的兩家產品比較表 […]

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  2. On personal homepages, I agree, but Netvibes is far better than those 2. Netvibes is way more customizable and extensible, and doesn’t affiliate with specific companies. Though MyYahoo! is indeed better than and MyMSN.

    I hope features like integrated RSS feeds and integrated IM make it to Live Hotmail. And the neat option to send a message via e-mail, IM, and even mobile text message. The ability to hide ads by clicking on a arrow (after you supposedly viewed them) to keep from distracting you would be neat too.

    I disagree with your thoughts on Flickr though. Flickr should remain the same. Maybe with a cheaper pro account though, and things like HD View and PhotoSynth, etc. But the overall site architecture should remain the same. None of that Windows Live branding or anything. That would just RUIN Flickr. Y! kept most of it the same, why can’t Microsoft?

    Widgets vs. Gadgets will be interesting.

    MusicMatch and Music Jukebox are crappy, but I liked how you could stream whole songs and videos pretty well, with the inclusion of ads.

    Comment by Michael | February 5, 2008

  3. I consider myself to be a fairly savvy ‘Net user and I’m wondering if MS and Yahoo should be worried that I’ve never heard of most of these projects?

    Comment by Slappy | February 10, 2008

  4. Finance? Any thought about Yahoo Finance vs the MSN equivalent?

    Comment by Ferruccio Fortini | February 10, 2008

  5. I’m actually meeting with Microsoft’s financial products group manager Chris next week, and I’ll probably have more to say after then.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | February 11, 2008

  6. Great analysis Nathan! One potential overlap that is missing from your analysis is MSN Careers and Yahoo Hotjobs. Microsoft recently signed a multi-year agreement with careerpath which included a 5% stake. I believe when this deal is consumated Microsoft may want to combine the two johb sites. By doing this combination it would create a formidable competitor to the number one job site,

    Comment by Justin Duell | February 11, 2008

  7. On ninemsn versus Yahoo7, they’re king in Australia because the associated TV channels cross-promote them. Since you’re not going to get a ninemsn7 that leaves plenty of room for the rejected TV station to build a competitor, perhaps approaching Google — a YouTube7 could be a killer site.

    You’ve also forgotten that MS+Yahoo will need to buy its way out of content deals. For example, in Australia both Ch7 and Ch9 have exclusitivity clauses with their web presence provider, so MS will need to pay a contract breach fee to one of them. Sure, not a deal-breaker, but certainly doesn’t fit your notion that the two sites are perfect for integration.

    Comment by Glen Turner | February 15, 2008

  8. Personally, I think Yahoo Mail provides a better user experience than Hotmail. It seems less cluttered with ads and ironically more like Outlook. It would be a shame to see Yahoo Mail go.

    Comment by Mike Ket | February 16, 2008

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