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Random Stats About Microsoft Life

Frank Arrigo got to tell his son’s Second Grade class at a Job Fail what it’s like working at Microsoft, and Alfred Thompson sent him some interesting stats about Microsoft’s campus. Enjoy:

  • 18,573 Average number of customers served in cafeterias daily
  • 2637 slices of pizza consumed per day
  • 7,464,456 cans of soda consumed per year
  • 7,899,660 cans of juice consumed per year
  • 3,520,536 cartons of milk consumed per year
  • 2300 passengers ride the MS shuttles everyday
  • 10,500 phone calls come into the Microsoft switchboard everyday

We’re talking about 30,000 cans of soda and 30,000 cans juice per average workday. Jeez!

February 7th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate | 3 comments

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  1. […] a Microsoft spokesman to double-check the data for me yesterday, after I saw a related post on Inside Microsoft. According to the latest stats, employees each year drink more than 7.7 million cans of soda […]

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  2. I think it is interesting that he was at a Job Fail since he works for Microsoft. Is this just making sure he doesn’t lose his job?

    Comment by Rena Noel | February 11, 2008

  3. Why would he be in danger of losing his job? Also, it wasn’t a job fair, but rather the parents of kids in the class talking about what they do for a living.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | February 11, 2008

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