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Live Search Market Share Holds Steady As Yahoo Implodes

Compete’s latest search engine market share numbers are out, and, as usual, Google is a winner, Microsoft’s Live Search, Ask and AOL hold steady, and Yahoo is bleeding out. Yahoo’s market share fell another third of a percentage point, now down six full points, or over 25%, in the last year. Google went up over half a point, pulling almost seven percent higher on the year.

Most interesting are the marks for search volume. The number of searches on all the major search engines are way, way up from last year; all, except Yahoo:

Percentage gain
Google 51% 49.4%
AOL 46.7%
Live Search 32.7%
Yahoo 0.3%

Yeah, Yahoo doesn’t need anybody’s help.

February 11th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Yahoo Acquisition, Yahoo, AskJeeves, Windows, Google, Search | 2 comments

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