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Silverlight Coming To Nokia Phones

Microsoft has announced yet another platform will be receiving a plugin to support playback of Silverlight content, this time Silverlight will be on Nokia phones. The Nokia S60 web browser for Symbian OS phones will support Silverlight when the plugin is released later this year. Nokia Series 40 phones and internet tablets will get Silverlight some time after that, and a Windows Mobile version of Silverlight is expected around the same time.

Perhaps this could be how Silverlight truly one-ups Adobe Flash. While Flash is ubiquitous, support for Flash on mobile devices is a mixed bag, ranging from poor to non-existant. If Microsoft can get Silverlight on a lot more phones than Adobe can manage for Flash, that might prove too tempting for web developers to ignore.

March 5th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Mobile, Adobe, Silverlight, Windows Mobile, Developers | no comments