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News For April 2, 2008

Ribbon Joining Windows 7 User Interface
The Office Ribbon, one of Microsoft biggest software design innovations of recent years, is getting promoted to Windows. The Office UI element will be built into the Windows 7 platform, available for all software developers to access and use in their applications. Quite the vote of confidence, but when you’ve got something good, you should spread it around. Read more about it at Long’s blog.

Xbox Does April Fools Joke
Microsoft’s Xbox division sent out an email to all users, informing them of new products from Xbox. They included a wireless helmet, Xbox: The Board Game, a wood-paneled Xbox, and a weather-proof portable Xbox. Also for April Fools Day, Long Zheng “revealed” the lost Windows Vista sounds, uploaded as a collection of Windows 98 sound packs.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Official Launched
At CTIA, Microsoft officially showed off the long talked about Windows Mobile 6.1 update. It includes a new version of the mobile Internet Explorer browser, complete with support for Adobe Flash, Silverlight, H.264. There’s also a new Getting Started Center, the ability to handle more things from the home screen, better touch screen and small screen UI features and other updates.

Microsoft Videos Launching
Microsoft has launched a beta preview of Microsoft Videos, a new Silverlight-powered video site that collects the many videos Microsoft creates. Whether you’re an IT pro or developers looking for technical videos, or a gamer looking for video game videos, or a consumer looking for videos about the latest software and Media Center stuff, it’s all there are running in glorious Silverlight.

40% Of Vista Crashes By Major Graphics Chips
Proof is out that it is the graphics processor industry that is ruining computing. Data from Microsoft shows that 40% of crashes in Windows Vista were caused by graphics drivers from ATI and NVidia, with 75% of those NVidia’s fault. Since Vista was released, those two companies have been the most negligient in serving their customers with decent drivers, and everyone is suffering as a result. I wish Intel got serious about graphics, because ATI and NVidia have lost any goodwill they had with me an many other users.

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Possible Windows 7 Feature: Start Menu Programs with Extended Menus

A private Windows feedback survey sent by Microsoft included a mockup of what might be a planned feature for Windows 7, the next version of Windows, currently in development. As far as I can tell from the screenshot, programs would be able to feature their own extended menus coming out of their programs automatic placement on the Start Menu.

My best guess is that the extended menu features recent documents in the case of software like Microsoft Word, and favorite websites when dealing with Internet Explorer. If this becomes a feature, expect all software to get the option to include their recent documents in the Start Menu, or possibly other options. Looks like a cool feature, one that will hopefully make its way out in Windows 7.

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