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Tellme Launches Several Mobile Business Search Features

Tellme has officially launched three new features to help people do business searches from their mobile phones.

  • Tellme by Voice – Just call Tellme as usual (800-555-TELL) and say “business search”. By following the prompts, you will get local business listings. This was active last week, and I tried it out; you can read my thoughts on it at InsideGoogle.
  • Tellme by Text – Send a text message to 83556 with a business search (type “business name, place”), and you’ll get back business listings, plus a nice map graphic. I tested it on my Windows Mobile phone, and I got back two text messages, each with one search result, which contained the name phone number, and address of each result, and a web address for the map. It’s ridiculous that they sent the URL, since if I don’t have a data plan, you’ve just wasted my time.
  • Tellme by Mobile – Go to on your phone to download a program that will let you speak into your phone and see results on the screen. Amazingly, on my Windows Mobile phone, it tells me my phone is not supported. That’s ridiculous. You’re owned by Microsoft! Fix it.

Anyway, all three of these are features that are not fully baked. However, based on years of experience with Tellme’s service, I know how they iron this stuff out and make it great, so I have faith. In the future, if you get bought by Microsoft, you delay the product launch till it supports Microsoft products. That’s just common sense.

April 19th, 2007 Posted by | Tellme, Windows Mobile | no comments