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Amazon Selling Xbox 360

Amazon is taking Gamestop’s tack of selling the Xbox 360 in expensive bundles, as a way of (a) profiting immensly off low supplies and (b) making the most out of super-high demand. All of Amazon’s bundles are $999, and some of them even come with only the 360 Core system, for some reason.

This via UberGizmo, which seems to blame Microsoft. Retailers decide if they want to force customers into bundles, Microsoft is merely to blame for the shortage that makes this all possible.
(via Findory)

November 8th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox, General | one comment

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  1. And gamers are to blame for buying bundles they either don’t want, or can’t afford. If people don’t buy bundles, they will eventually stop selling them. People have got to start taking responsibility for what they do.

    I carefully decide what I pre-order. I don’t preorder bundles. I don’t pre-order games. A game may or may not be sold out. If it is, guess what, I’ll live. And in a week or so it will magically be on the shelves, or available for a drastically reduced rate as a used game.

    As long as games act like children they’ll be treated like them. And deservedly so.

    Comment by Bill | November 10, 2005

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