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Add File Types To MSN Desktop Search

Using IFilters, you can add to MSN Desktop Search the capability to search additional file types. For example, the MP3 IFilter scans MP3s for text contained within the MP3 (like tags with the artists name, album title, even all the lyrics) and indexes them. The JPEG IFilter allows indexing of all sorts of metadata, including the all-important EXIF data that can include the date and time the photo was taken, the camera it was taken with, and all sorts of other yummy details photographers love. Best of all, the IFilters are the same used for Indexing Service, so they are part of a standard that is likely to continue to improve and grow. I recommend installing all the IFilters for any file type you commonly use.

More information on IFilters, and a list of where to download free IFilters, is available at For others, just Google it.
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March 12th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Desktop Search, MSN, General | 7 comments

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  1. re: I coffee, therefore IFilter (or, Language-specific processing #1)

    Trackback by Sorting It All Out | March 13, 2005

  2. I am feeling more and more relevant all of the time. :-)

    Comment by Michael Kaplan | March 13, 2005

  3. There appear to be some severe restrictions on ifilters. They cannot be used to index files that lack extensions, nor can the indexing be pushed from another app as it can with Google. I’m hoping to find a work-around, but for now this impedes building ifilters for *nix programs such as Thunderbird that rely on knowing where their files are (and perhaps on the magic cookie) more than on extensions.

    Comment by Bloggit | April 8, 2005

  4. I think that it’s useful topic.

    Comment by Alex Dunckan | June 18, 2005

  5. Probably this site will be appear on first google’s page.

    Comment by Bruce Wilson | July 1, 2005

  6. MP3 IFilter
    no longer on internet
    it was freeware can you post?

    Comment by Alex Dunckan | December 31, 2006

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